The observatory itself consists of a small (8x10) shed that is used for both storage and as a warming room and a 6 foot fiberglass dome that houses the CG-11.   The shed was built in January 1998.  The dome was erected in April and May 1999.  Below are some pictures showing the construction for the dome.


This is the dome as it arrived from the manufacturer.  The wall sections were packed in the crate in the rear of the picture with the dome itself arriving fully assembled on a separate pallate.

domecrate1.jpg (27500 bytes)


The first task was to stake out an area for the concrete pad and start digging a hole for the pier footing.  I dug an 18 inch diameter hole 4 feet deep.  The warming room is seen in the background.  As you can see, I had a lot if help!

digging.jpg (58547 bytes)


Checking the depth of the hole with a sophisticated tool...   Yup, that looks deep enough.

timhole.jpg (56386 bytes)


Even I had to see how deep it was...

dadhole.jpg (40181 bytes)


I used a sonotube to extend the footing about 4 inches above the eventual height of the pad.  Here I have finished pouring the footing and excavating for the pad.  I used 2x6s to create the forms for the pad.

forms.jpg (39598 bytes)


A close up of the pier footing.  The pier will be attached using 3 anchor bolts that go down about 2 feet into the footing.  I used a couple of wood circles to maintain correct alignment of the bolts as they were set into the concrete.

footing.jpg (38324 bytes)


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