Images from OSP 1999

bigdipper.jpg (55120 bytes)    The Big Dipper with aurora.  30 sec unguided exposure with a 50mm f/1.7 lens.  Hypered Fuji SuperG 800.  The "bullseye" in the middle seems to be light entering through the viewfinder lens.   I forgot to cap it.

redlight.jpg (37636 bytes)    Fun with a red light.  That's me with my 10" Teleport.

oriontrails.jpg (57015 bytes)    Orion rises.  Unguided about 30 minutes.  50mm f/1.7 lens using hypered Fuji SuperG 800.

m45.jpg (85750 bytes)    The Pleiades.  30 minutes through a 4" Televue Genesis refractor.  Hypered Fuji SuperG 800.